On Saturday, October 17, the Harwood girls' varsity vollyball team played and beat Randolph 3-0. Harwood won all three sets with the following point breakdown: 25-21, 25-22, 25-22.

"Having a volleyball season has been challenging playing with the different elements compared to playing indoors," said coach Peter Arsenault. "The wet ground due to the full day of rain beforehand led to some slippery play along with the challenge of the sun staring at you in the face when serving and setting depending on what side of the court you were on."



Despite these challenges, Harwood was able to hold a lead against Randolph. "Randolph caught up a number of times to either tie it up or take a point lead, but Harwood's serving seemed to always get the lead back to then clinch the set," said Arsenault.



Harwood finished with 22 aces. Senior Lynn Russell led with eight aces, and sophomore Mia Lapointe followed with seven aces. Lapointe led the team with passing, while sophomore Abby Holter led the team with attacks.