Harwood Union High School fall sports practices begin August 19. Harwood’s fall sports include golf, volleyball, field hockey, soccer, bass fishing and cross-country.



Field hockey coach Sophie Tretiak said, “We are looking forward to a (hopefully!) more typical season this year. We are excited to have a full preseason this year. We have been working out together and getting ready for the season this summer so I'm hopeful that the athletes will come into preseason ready to go. Of course, we'll spend time working on skills, conditioning and team-building. We have a large senior class this year, so we're looking forward to having strong leadership and good team chemistry with a lot of returning athletes.”

Bass fishing coach Scott Green said, “As the team starts the third full season, the team’s goals will be to continue to learn and practice skills to become more effective anglers, to practice skills that promote fish care and to work as a team to prepare for state events. Practice will comprise of a classroom day, a skills-building day and on-the-water day. We will fish a number of bodies of water around our community and Lake Champlain. I am really looking forward to having a seasoned number of returning team members and their skill sets. I hope to have a great finish at the state events at the end of the season.”


Golf coach Brian McCarthy reported five returning players had already signed up for the golf team and he expected that a total of nine or 10 boys and two girls would be on this fall’s team. He anticipated most would be returning players and said he expected “definite improvement.” “This group loves the game and they love each other,” he said. “We’re going to have a great season.”

Sign-ups for fall sports at Harwood are available now at www.harwoodhighlanders.com.