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Harwood senior soccer player Tanum Nelson scored her 100th goal last week, making her just one of 15 girls in state history to do so. The girls beat Spaulding 4-1 and Paine Mountain 5-1 to round out a season in which they only lost one game. Playoffs for girls’ soccer start this week, after being postponed on Tuesday due to weather.

UPDATE: Harwood Girls' soccer team beat Otter Valley 7-0 on Wednesday to advance to the Quarter Finals. Harwood will play Middlebury on Saturday, Oct. 30 at 2 or 3 p.m. at Harwood. Previous schedules had a 3 p.m. start time, but due to weather that time may be changed to 2 p.m..



The boys’ soccer team placed second in Division II for the regular season. “This was the most wins Harwood boys’ soccer has ever had in the regular season,” said coach Joe Yalicki. “We played great in our league and ended up winning the Capital League with a 12-0-1 record. I'm excited for the real part of the season to begin later this week. We've worked hard to sort out the other teams and give them a hard game. Right now, we are just focusing on practicing well and playing well in the first playoff game.”

UPDATE: Harwood beat Missisquoi Valley 4-0 on Thursday to advance to the Quarter Finals. They will face GMVS with a potential Saturday 11 a.m. game time at time of this posting.

Last Friday, the Harwood field hockey team wrapped up their season with a 0-3 loss at Spaulding. "Harwood field hockey has grown this year,” coach Sophie Tretiak said. “We are ending the regular season with a lot of confidence and have had some late season wins and very close games. We have consistently increased our offensive pressure. Senior Maggie Aiken plays in the midfield and is a great leader on and off the field. We're excited to head to North Country Union High School for the quarterfinals this week! We lost 0-1 against North Country on October 18 so we're anticipating another thrilling game."

UPDATE: Harwood beat North Country 1-0 to advance to the D3 Semi-Finals on Tuesday, Nov. 2 against Lyndon Institute in Lyndon Center.


Harwood’s volleyball team also concluded their regular season on Friday at St. Johnsbury. They lost 0-3, finishing 2-11 for the season. “The 2021 fall season was a mixed bag for Harwood,” said coach Peter Arsenault. “Our record once again does not show the talent that Harwood has and what they are capable of. Since last year, Harwood has improved a great amount… Their overall record reflects, based on their overall lack of experience, consistency in decision making and execution. If they can carry over what they learned and gained from this year along with practice and training on the off season, they will be able to compete with the highest-level teams next year,” said coach Peter Arsenault. “Harwood is a team that has been working hard the past couple of years and next year will be the year to watch them as eight of them have been playing together for the past couple of years and the majority of them being seniors will have a lot of chemistry, growth and experience to be competing against the top teams in the state even though they are one of the smallest schools.” They go into the playoffs seeded 15th.

UPDATE: Harwood drops out of the playoffs with a 3-0 loss against Champlain Valley Union