: Renee Epstein and Michael McGuirk take to the dance floor at the annual Sugarbush Racing Club dinner dance.

Sugarbush Racing Club's annual dinner dance “rocked” the Warren Town Hall on Wednesday evening, February 23. The hall was decorated in a winter theme, thanks to Kate and Rich Jones, Mike and Val Strojny and Dave Goldstein.




Race club members are known to be good cooks and 40 members gathered for a potluck dinner coordinated by Judith Salter. The fact that only tidbits were left attests to the gourmet skills of members and the appetites stirred by memorable music from the 60s and 70s that was a walk down memory lane, said spokesperson Ray Bollerud.

After dinner, it was time to dance. Shannon Bushey from Digital DJ served up the playlist and after two years of pandemic, the joy of finally getting together to party was contagious. Bollerud and Paula Baldwin demonstrated their agility with the twist. Barbara King and Kathy Bollerud came close to dancing every number for three hours. Jim Roetgers and Eileen showed folks a step or two. Everyone was inspired by Loretta Sharkey making her moves in spite of a new hip three weeks ago. In order to guarantee snow for the rest of the season, members danced a snow dance to attract the favor of the snow gods for Sugarbush.

"Lo and behold, snow arrived within 36 hours attesting to what a good snow dance can do," Bollerud said.