Sugarbush racing Club's Rick Duckworth racing down the mountain.

It was a howling blizzard Thursday evening as the hardy -- or foolhardy -- members of the Sugarbush Racing Club faced the elements to attend the weekly social at the Hyde Away. Recollections of great food and service in the past drew them into the storm, and the Hyde Away delivered. The conversation was about the howling winds, heavy snow, slippery and closed roads, accidents and naturally “will Friday’s race occur?” For members who remained for dinner, they went home with bellies satisfied and skies clearing.


Early the next morning, Friday as usual, racing was confirmed a go. The course on Racer’s Edge was in good shape and the best runs were in the first hour as ruts developed in the fresh-packed snow. The course called for lots of rhythmic turns and racers relished them. Anne Halverson captured two platinums with Janyce Goba right behind in the women’s group. Chris Lowenstein had the fastest time edging out Rick Duckworth who had Todd Carroll nipping at his heels in the men’s group. Joe Seymour led with his time in the low :30s with John Williams 1/100th of a second behind. The friendly rivalry between Ray Bollerud and Jim Cutchins is also counted in 100th of seconds with Bollerud edging out ahead. Club president Ray Bollerud had to ward off comments that he is cooking the times in his favor.

Mikaela Shiffrin doesn’t belong to the Sugarbush Racing Club but SRC members and especially racers greatly admire her performance this week. She’s a role model and an inspiration. Go Mikaela, bring home the record!

NASTAR racing takes place every Friday starting at 10 a.m. on Racers Edge with a member social the evening before at a different location in the Mad River Valley each week. The annual dinner dance is February 7. Clinics and instruction are provided at various times during the season. For more information or to join the Sugarbush Racing Club please visit