Sugarbush pond skimming photo by Corinne Chiarchiaro

This season has been filled with firsts, from record-breaking snowmaking operations to total number of days open. I’ve gathered all those statistics, plus a few fun facts, as a peak behind the Sugarbush curtain. How many beers do we really serve? How much terrain does our team groom over the course of the season? And a crowd favorite, who has hit 100 days! It’s all here for you to get a sense of what our team does to make each season great!





This season 26,863.4 acres of trails were groomed, that’s the same as grooming the entirety of Sugarbush Resort over 55 times.

In the 2022/23 season we hit an all-time record of gallons of water pumped for snowmaking totaling 189,359,136 gallons. This is just under a million more than the last record hit in the 1995/96 season when they also reached 363 inches of natural snowfall.

At Mount Ellen our team made snow for 935 hours and 73% of that time the system was pumping at its max capacity.

We saw a record-breaking snowfall total this March reaching 62 inches, which beat the previous record set in the 2013/2014 season.

This year is one of the longest seasons in recent Sugarbush history with 162 days of operation. Our closing day of May 7 is also our latest ever.

The Slide Brook Express Quad is the longest and fastest detachable quad in the world traveling a total of 11,012 feet between Lincoln Peak and Mt. Ellen. After a two-year hiatus, the Slide Brook Express Quad ran this season a total of 171 hours and 21 minutes.

So far this season, we have 56 people who have hit 100 days of skiing! This includes everyone from staff, to Ikon passholders and Sugarbush passholders.

Our brand new Cabin Cat has been a highlight of some of our unique offerings this winter. It has been used to host 588 Allyn’s Lodge Dinner guests, 103 Sunrise First Tracks guests, and 173 Après Groom Ride guests.

Trade in your skis for your bikes and join us at Sugarbush with the Mad River Riders for Cranko de Mayo on May 6.

Chiarchiaro is a marketing coordinator at Sugarbush.