Mad River Disc

On Saturday, August 5, Ultimate disc players from around New England will descend upon Brook’s Field in Warren to begin play around 11 a.m. into the mid-afternoon. Spectators are welcome. Proceeds will benefit the People’s Health and Wellness Clinic. Food will be available from Dino Bones BBQ. Mad River Disc hosts a pick-up game every Monday at Brooks Field starting at 6 p.m. All are welcome to play in the Monday games. This local tournament has been organized by Warren residents Bob Meany and Andy McIntosh for over a decade. 



The Mad Hatter is an Ultimate hat tournament which means players come as individuals and are divided into teams for tournament play. In Ultimate most tournaments are team tournaments. The “Hat” format is a well-known format in Ultimate and really builds on the ‘spirit of the game” that Ultimate is famous for. In past years we have been negligent in doing any local or pre-promotional announcements as our recruitment of players has been done through Ultimate community networks. 

"This year we expect 102 players to form six coed teams. Teams are developed by trying to create teams of equal balance based on age and experience. BTW “Frisbee” is a Wham-o trademark name. Years ago, Ultimate was played with a “Frisbee” and as a result is often called Ultimate Frisbee,” Meany said.

The current preferred disc is a Disc Craft, Ultra Star, 170-gram disc. There will be these discs for sale at the Mad Hatter with the logo printed on the disc. Mad River Disc has been around for quite a while with organizers estimating that it was started in 1989. 


 For more information go to Mad River Disc on Facebook ( To register, visit: Mad Hatter 2023 registration.