Harwood Union High School Highlanders

Harwood girls’ varsity hockey hosted the number one seeded Hartford Hurricanes at the Ice Center of Washington West in Waterbury, winning over the Highlanders 11-0 in a January 13 game. 


Hurricanes, who now sit 10-0 on their season had a total of 25 shots on first year season goaltender Kate Wilkesman. Harwood had one shot on net. Harwood is currently 0-9 on the season. 

"We are looking forward to the tail end of our season," coach Katie Martin said after the game. "We will be playing some teams closer to us in rankings, our season thus far has been on the road for the most part, and has been against either division one and two teams or tougher teams." Martin is joined by co-coach Eric Boyden for their second season. 

"We are lucky to have a program this season, and have a lot of newer skaters over all. We have a mixed variety of skill level with our student athletes and are really thankful to those veteran players who have stepped up this season to lead the team and really foster a positive environment for new skaters and overall, such as our captain senior Abigail Leighty, and her assistant captains Kate Wilkesman and Maggie Belknap,” Martin continued.

"In the game against the Hurricanes, freshman Alex Isham stood out and had a few great scoring opportunities with her linemates, as well as sophomore Zoe Duffy on defense. Duffy was pulled up to forward and also had a few breakaways down the ice,” she added. 

The upcoming Harwood boys’ hockey game on January 20 at home will be the community awareness game to support breast cancer awareness and research. During that game the girls' varsity program will also be running a 'chuck-a-puck-' game and a 50/50 so organizers hope the community comes out to support the sport of hockey, and to help raise some money that will be donated to a good cause.