Harwood track coach Jake Pitman with relay team members (left to right) Heidi Haraldsen (purple hat), Julia Cisz (red head with pony tail), Celia Wing (in front of Cisz), and Adleigh Franke (facing camera) as they prepare for the girls 4x800 relay team.

Harwood girls took first place with a time of 11:18.71 in the 4x800 relay on April 10 in a match against South Burlington. That race featured Heidi Haraldsen, Julia Cisz, Adleigh Franke, and Celia Wing.





Coach Jake Pitman said that there were some unknowns entering this race with two new athletes competing in the relay for Harwood. Both Franke and Cisz had never competed in an 800m race before at the high school level. 

"These two were particularly impressive during their relay legs, as they provided very solid middle-leg relay times to keep us in position to win. Veteran track star Heidi Haraldsen led us with a quick first leg, and another veteran track star, Celia Wing, anchored the relay to hold the lead and bring home the win, Pitman said.

In the 3000m race, Wing took first place with a time of 12:34.64 and Cisz came in second at 12:58.94.

"Celia is gearing up for an exciting track season, providing clear evidence for this with an impressive win in the 3000m. She won by 24 seconds with a time of 12:34, being closely followed by Harwood freshman Julia Cisz, who finished with a time of 12:58. Julia's overall performance at South Burlington is a very encouraging sign for her talent and success in distance running heading into the future. Seeing a freshman run so confidently is always such a promising sign,” Pitman said.