9-year-old birthday girl was finally able to have her first birthday party since she turned 6.

By Lisa Loomis

Lela Seaver, Waitsfield, turned 9 last month, but had COVID and couldn't celebrate her birthday at the time. Last Saturday, May 7, she and seven of her friends were able to celebrate her birthday at Kids Creations, Waitsfield. It was the first birthday Seaver was able to celebrate with friends since the start of the pandemic.

Kids Creations owner Jill McManus hosted Lela Seaver's birthday party last weekend, creating an event featuring frosted-covered-sprinkle donuts from Toast and Eggs, balloons from The Collection and canvases for the participants to paint donuts on as well as a create your own hot chocolate bar where the girls chose from whipped cream, rainbow marshmallows and sprinkles. Lela's hot chocolate included a pig made out of marshmallows.

"I hadn't been to Kids Creations before. It was really fun and really cute. Jill had created a limit of 10 people and I decided to invite seven people," Seaver said.

Lela Seaver goes to Waitsfield School and her teacher is Ms. Belknap. She and her family moved here from Georgetown, Massachusetts, in 2020 because of COVID. She had no birthday party in 2020 or 2021!

"Her mom called me wondering if I do birthday events because her daughter had COVID on her actual birthday and had to skip her birthday celebrations. Her mom wanted to make it special since the last three years with COVID she hasn't been able to have a party. I haven't done birthday parties at my studio yet And I thought this was the perfect opportunity since the lift of the masks and gathering rules," McManus said.

Katie Seaver, Lela's mom, said she had COVID that weekend and was in isolation and could not have hosted the party anyway. She said McManus made it happen and it was a huge success.