Pride flag on a pride color background. Photo: Roarke Sharlow

After finalizing its procedure for receiving requests to fly flags at district schools, the Harwood Unified Union School District (HUUSD) Board approved a request from Harwood Union High School students to fly the LGBTQ+ pride flag for the remaining days of school. The request came with letters of support from a faculty advisor and the co-principals, as well as a student letter of support and a survey indicating that 87.4% of the 286 survey respondents supported raising the flag (the board’s requirement is at least 51% of student respondents support the flag in question). The flag will be raised for the remainder of the last week of school.





The board discussed whether the request might be approved to fly the pride flag annually during June, which is LGBTQ+ pride month, though determined that, as the school would be made up of different students each school year, the request would have to be resubmitted each year to determine whether the current student body is in support of the request.

At the HUUSD Board’s June 8 meeting, it recognized highlights from local schools, including a day encouraging biking to school at Brookside Primary School and the Harwood Middle School’s music video they made for school spirit week. Harwood student representative Maisie Franke also mentioned there was a drag queen visit along with pride-related activities, such as a spelling bee with names of LGBTQ+ celebrities, at Harwood this week. She called the event “a lot of fun.”




The board set its schedule for the next school year. It will continue to meet every second and fourth Wednesday evening of the school year. Jonathan Young, the HUUSD Board representative of the Central Vermont Career Center (CVCC) school district, which was established at Town Meeting Day in March 2022, gave an update on the board’s activities. Each sending district for the school appointed a representative from its board to serve on the CVCC board. Previously, budgeting and other decisions related to the school’s operations fell under the guise of Barre voters. The new district allows all sending districts to have a say in decisions related to the school, which is located in Barre. Young said the CVCC board is getting organized and developing rules, policies, and committees for the next school year. “Everybody is excited,” he said. He said the board chair for each sending district and all principals in the district will receive minutes from the CVCC board’s upcoming meetings so they can stay apprised of the board’s activities.

With HUUSD schools ending the school year this week and graduations coming up this weekend, board chair Kristen Rodgers congratulated all graduates.