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Three Floridians who’ve been coming to The Valley for 15 years purchased the former Bongiornos building on Route 17 in Fayston and are working on plans to convert the former restaurant into a residence.


Greg and Jenny Stupinski of Jacksonville, Florida, along with their friend and business partner Jeff Carlson of Sebring, Florida, closed on the property this spring.

Carlson, who is a CPA by trade and contractor for fun, said he’s working on demo right now and said that the trio had reached out to the town about whether permits are needed to convert a commercial property into a residence.

Carlson said he and his partners were also exploring whether they’d could add an auxiliary housing unit to the property. The property also includes the separate offices of Hall and Holden.

“We’re all from Florida and have all been coming up here 15 years. We started with condos at Bridges and then Greg bought a house. We all sold our condos,” Carlson said.

Carlson said that while in Florida they are always looking for older properties that haven’t been worked on in years and like to have five to seven jobs going on all the time.

He and the Stupinskis have been friends for 30 years.