Center Fayston Road after knotweed mitigation.

Over a thousand hours of effort went into knotweed eradication efforts in Waitsfield this summer with work done by community volunteers, UVM interns and members of the Waitsfield Conservation Commission with help from the Waitsfield road crew.


Waitsfield Conservation Commission chair Curt Lindberg provided some stats on the successful first year of working to control knotweed in town.

There were 66 sites where intensive knotweed control work was conducted. Thirty of the sites were along the river, at Bridge Street and the Lareau Swim Hole. Thirty-six sites were along roadways and waterways at higher elevations in The Valley.

In 85% of the sites, the knotweed infestation was significantly weakened, Lindberg reported. In total, 1,001 hours were devoted to knotweed eradication and management this summer. Lindberg provided pictures showing a 300-foot long, 10-to 20-foot wide knotweed infestation on Center Fayston Road that was eradicated with the help of volunteers, the road crew, conservation commissioners and UVM interns.

“We had 20 community members who pitched in on this effort over the spring and summer,” he added.

Lindberg will be preparing a full report on knotweed eradication the effort shortly.