Harwood Union High School’s boys’ basketball had a good run in the playdowns, ending on Friday, March 3, with a 65-38 loss to Spaulding. Harwood’s record was 11-11 this season. Multiple emails and voicemails to Harwood’s coach were not returned by the time The Valley Reporter went to press.



Harwood’s alpine skiing team also competed in the state championships earlier this week, though only the boys’ team qualified. “Monday’s GS race happened on a bluebird sunny day with wild winds!” co-coach Hillary Downing said. “The headwind for some of the racers played a huge part in their timing. Sixty-six boys were on the start list for the GS. Freshman Parker Downing placed 32nd. Eric Dessureau, Tim Russo and Leo Carra, all seniors, were all DNF’s. Tuesday’s slalom race was cold, cloudy, snowy and windy. Again 66 racers on the start list. Freshman Parker Downing finished 16th, senior, Eric Dessureau finished 17th, senior Tim Russo finished 43rd and senior Leo Carra was a DNF.”

Congratulations to all Harwood teams on a strong season.