Mark Haberle free-heel racing. Photo: Howie Whittle

Sugarbush Racing Club turned out in force Thursday evening, March 9, 2023, at Hostel Tevere ( DECO) in Warren for a repeat performance of wine, beers and ales accompanied by delicious appetizers. "Their colorful, inviting bar is a special treat with a perfect ambiance. Justin, Kristen and Jessie were wonderful hosts. Many club members stayed for dinner after the party," club president Ray Bollerud said.



Dave Koepele had a big night. He won a $50 gift certificate to Hostel Tevere and the 50-50 raffle. Bollerud, announced the upcoming events at the party. The club will gather for corn beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day. Then, the season will end with a gala year-end banquet. At the banquet, final standings for the year are announced and medals will be awarded.

On Friday, club members enjoyed a fine day for racing and 30 members showed up to compete. Cheryl Braymen led in the women’s group with a gold, while Leslie Mahoney and Barb Brady both brought home bronze medals.  

In the men’s groups, leaders Todd Carroll and Chris Lowenstein were separated by .21 seconds. Then, Mark Haberle and Rick Duckworth battled with a .29-second difference. 

Newcomers Garrett Bergey and Jon Rickard edged out Dave Ellison, while Dan Towle and Gil Edwards were separated by .05 seconds. 

Ray Bollerud, Stephen Ham-Ellis and James Cutchins continue in a dead heat with Peter Menkes shadowing them again.  

The club welcomed Dave Koepele back as he put his new knee into action for two races.