Rob Wilich of Mad River Riders is providing this trail report on the Riders’ trail of the week. This week he reports that huge progress has been made to some of the most popular trails in the Blueberry Lake network in Warren, including work on Amenta’s Way, Flying Squirrel, and Lenord’s Loop. 





“The whole network is riding fantastic with hard and fast conditions,” Wilich said, noting that Revolution just received a major overhaul by Jose Darias, crew foreman, and Max VanOrman, one of trail workers.  

“Check it out and we hope you enjoy the newly-designed turns and features. Overall, the trail crew and stewards have been hard at work keeping the network in great shape and if you see something, please enter it in Trail Forks as a trail report with a picture or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,” Wilich urged. 

"With the majority of the build season still ahead of us, there’s plenty of maintenance to do on existing trails and exciting developments on brand new trails to look forward to,” he added.