Harwood U10 hockey team were runners up in the Green Mountain Avalanche Tournament.

Harwood youth hockey athletes finished up their season last weekend with the Green Mountain Avalanche Tournament at Jay Peak, the Harwood U10 team making it to the championship game, falling to Rhode Island, taking home the silver.


The U10 Harwood team made it further than the other Harwood team in the tournament, the combined Harwood and Stowe U12 also competed in the tournament.

The U12 team is coached by Chris Martin, Tim Smith and Melanie Lemnah. The U10 team is coached by Matt Migonis and Brett Belknap.

Harwood Youth fundraising efforts continue

The Harwood Youth Hockey Associations’ year-round fundraising efforts kicked off with a great start and continue rolling.

The Harwood Youth Hockey Association board voted on a new fundraising coordinator last September and since then has successfully put on a few contests, raised funds from a seasonlong bottle drive and is gearing up for the annual Harwood hockey calcutta.

The first contest was a hockey themed pumpkin carving contest last October; the winner was Landon Weide, a Harwood youth player who carved a hockey player mid shot and won a gift bag filled with hockey necessities and a few apparel items.

The first fundraiser was a seasonlong bottle drive where youth teams went door-to-door collecting bottles, drove around the communities for Sunday pick up or collected them from roadsides. Many community members brought down their bottles to the Ice Center as well as a donation.

The combined Harwood-Stowe U12 team.
The combined Harwood-Stowe U12 team.

The Harwood U12 started off the season strong, bringing in close to $500 their first month collecting. The U10 and U8 caught up quickly in the next two rounds, both coming within reach of the U12. In the end, the winning team was the U10 squirts, who brought in a total of $827.00, in second, the U12, with $697.65, and the U8 with $693.35. In total, the fundraiser from November 15, to March 1, totaled $2,218.

The U10 team won the opportunity to represent Harwood Youth Hockey during the Not Quite Independence day parade (NQUID) in Waterbury this summer on a parade float.

Next for fundraising events, there will be a Harwood Youth Hockey calcutta on April 2, 2022, followed by two summer events. A cornhole and a street hockey tournament open to the public are in the process of being worked out now with more details to come.