Kam, left, black goggles), Vinny, right, (white goggles). Photos courtesy Paula Brown

Twelve-year-old Kam Brown and 11-year-old Vinny Viola set their sights on snowboarding 100 days this winter and thanks to a lot of help from their families, they achieved that goal.


They are sixth graders at The Warren School. Brown lives in Warren and Viola lives in Waitsfield.

“This is my last year going to school in The Valley,” Brown said, explaining that when he gets to Harwood Union next year he won’t have the proximity to Sugarbush that he does now.

“This winter I’ve been to Stowe, Killington and Sugarbush. It has taken a lot of effort so far and some days I did not feel like going because of the weather,” Brown said.

Viola started snowboarding when he was 3 years old with the Micro/Mini Blazer group at Sugarbush. His favorite style of snowboarding is freestyle and his favorite snowboarder is Shawn White.

“It means a lot to me to get 100 days because I won’t be able to do that again until I retire or work at the mountain. I’m thankful that I live in the Mad River Valley. I’m thankful that I live close to the mountain,” Viola said.

He said he was also thankful that parents, Tony Viola and Leanna Montgomery, were able to transport him to and from the mountain.

“I wouldn’t be able to get 100 days if it wasn’t for them,” Viola said.


Brown also said his family and Viola’s dad Tony, were instrumental in helping him achieve his goal of 100 days of snowboarding.

“I’m thankful for my Nana who takes my snowboard every day to school at release time. She sometimes takes me to the mountain or give’s my board to Tony. I couldn’t have done this if it weren’t for Tony taking me with Vinny after school to the mountain and then he picks us up and brings me home. Tony gives us snacks so that we aren’t hungry,” Brown explained.

Brown also gave a shout out to Splinters board shop for supporting and all snowboarders.

“I’ve gotten good use of my rental gear this season. I also enjoy helping Travis (at Splinters) with jobs and maybe someday I can work at Splinters or at Sugarbush,” he added.

“I might not ever be able to get 100 days again. I’ll be going to another school further away next year and can’t go after school. I have done well in school this year and I think my teachers are proud of me. Snowboarding after school helps me to have something to look forward to and it gets my energy out,” Brown explained.

Brown and Viola said they appreciated being able to achieve their 100-day season together and making memories that will last a lifetime.