Lunch dance company dancers strewn across  the stage.

Phantom Theater is offering an encore performance of “Sketches” on Monday, August 15, at 8 p.m. Rooted in dance and performed by the dance company Lunch, “Sketches” includes numerous other artistic mediums such as video as well as original songs and music composed and performed by the dancers themselves.


The ensemble collection of choreographers that comprise Lunch include Millie Heckler, Anna Martone, Isadora Snapp, Hanna Satterlee and Mary Jo Cahilly-Bretzin. They all hail from various, different backgrounds in dance and theater.

“Each choreographer highlights their own unique voice, and it’s a treat to see how the variety of pieces can support each other,” reflects Snapp.

The group initially began meeting for lunch in September 2021. These lunch gatherings often initiated conversations about the many injustices people face in the world. Seeking community and healing alongside these injustices, the multitude of reactions that emerged from these conversations eventually became “Sketches,” which delves into topics surrounding strength, vulnerability, sensuality, commitment to interpersonal relationships and the artistic journey.

“Each piece seems to stem from a deeply personal experience and yearning of the member who created it, both within and independently from the group dynamic,” says Cahilly-Bretzin. “The ‘sketches’ communicate each person’s contemporary moment, and the strong desire, as well as capacity for tenderness, connection, ferocity, vulnerability and loving presence with which they attend the experience.”

“Sketches” received rave reviews upon its first showing at Phantom Theater in July. “It was one of my favorite dance performances that we’ve ever had at the barn,” says Tracy Martin, artistic director of Phantom Theater. “The poignant combination of pain and humor made for a very rich viewing experience. I’m so grateful we get them back again for one more show.”

This is likely the final performance of “Sketches,” as many of the choreographers plan to travel and work on various other projects in the coming months. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to experience one of the most profound performances of the summer!

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