Kim Laidlaw, Fayston, has put her hat in the ring for the open Fayston seat on the Harwood Unified Union School District (HUUSD) Board. In an April 5 email to the board, Laidlaw wrote, “As a parent with school-age children in the district, I have been and continue to be interested in our school district as a whole; and as an educator with 21 years of teaching experience, I believe I have a perspective on many issues that might be valuable. And as a member of the Fayston community, I am interested in serving in this way.”

The Fayston Select Board said in an email to the school board, “The Fayston Select Board recommends Kim Laidlaw as our town representative to the HUUSD.”

As The Valley Reporter goes to press, the HUUSD Board will vote on whether to appoint Laidlaw to the position at its April 13 meeting. There are currently two vacant seats on the school board from Waterbury and Duxbury.