Over the past couple weeks members of the Waitsfield Conservation Commission have continued to move forward with the previously announced plan to undertake knotweed management activities at approximately 45 locations within Waitsfield. The targeted locations have been identified with small yellow “KNOTWEED” marker signs that can be seen along community roadways, along the Mad River in historic Waitsfield Village, and at the Lareau swimming hole.


In high use public areas along the river in historic Waitsfield Village and along some roadways, knotweed growth from previous years has been pulled for burning. This will facilitate ease of identifying new growth for periodically pulling and digging through the course of this spring and summer. Some easily removed root systems have also been pulled and placed off-the-ground on salvaged pallets. New stems are just breaking though the ground, so the beginning of periodic pulling of stems and digging root systems is only two to three weeks way.

“Neighbors are encouraged to get involved in this collaborative endeavor. There are likely targeted locations close by your residence that you could help manage,” explained conservation commissioner Bob Cook.

“An hour or two every 2-3 weeks this summer will help immensely to reduce the visual and environmental impacts of this invasive plant in our community,” he added.

To learn more and to join the knotweed brigade, contact Curt Lindberg at 609-647-9832, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or Cook at 802-279-6628.