GSI Engineering presented the Warren Select Board with a proposal this week to complete drone flyover analysis on Sugarbush Access Road and West Hill in Warren to assess erosion and movement in the roads. Initial assessments showed movement and erosion on the Access Road.


Analysis has not yet been done on West Hill which, according to select board member Bob Ackland, is also showing signs of movement. Ackland said the proposal was “fairly costly” and at the board’s August 9 meeting board members discussed ways to reduce costs. GSI will come back to the board with a revised cost for the analysis of both roads. In addition to the drone analysis, GSI recommended doing a drone flyover with LiDAR (light detection and ranging) analysis of the changes in these roads every other year. While Ackland said this is something the board feels that the town needs, no commitment to do the analysis has yet been made.

The board also discussed the ongoing traffic calming measures in Warren Village. Ackland presented an update on the project and reviewed the designs put together by landscaper Clark Brook Designs. Phase One of the project will be painting crosswalks on Brook Road and the end of Flat Iron Road and painting pedestrian lanes on Brook Road and the intersection of Flat Iron Road and Main Street. There will also be gardens put in where Flat Iron Road intersects with Main Street and at the intersection of Fuller Hill and Main Street. The board is doing more research on the benefits of cobblestone rumble strips versus cobblestone speed tables to reduce speeding in the village and make pedestrian walkways safer.

At the August 9 meeting, Fourth of July parade organizer Susan Klein presented on the results of this year’s parade, which were overall positive, she reported. The only unanticipated cost was renting First Student buses to shuttle people from Sugarbush to Warren Village, as Green Mountain Transit pulled out of the agreement, but overall the costs came in close to budget and Ackland said “the board was very pleased.” Klein will organize the parade again next year.